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Welcome to the Siding

The Siding is a collection of British railway photos which I have put on this site in the hope that they might be of interest to others.

The pictures
I make no apologies for the fact that the majority of the pictures on this site are of the type frowned upon by certain 'real photographers'. That is they are mostly simple ¾ view pictures of trains, rather than pictures of trains taken from arty viewpoints or pictures of trains in pretty surroundings. That's not to say that I don't like scenic shots, it's just not what this site is about. Most of my pictures are simply pictures of trains, illustrating many of the classes, variations and liveries seen on British railways.

 Many of the older pictures are scans of prints, transparencies or negatives and in some cases may not be of the best quality but are included for 'historical interest'.

 If there is a particular picture you would like to see with less compression and in it's full resolution please contact me.

  If you have any good photos, especially any showing liveries or classes which I currently don't have, (preferably with date and location) and would not mind me using them on the site, please contact me.

JPEG effects
 Pictures uploaded in the early days of the site are smaller and might look more compressed than current pictures. This is because back in 2003, when I started this site, internet connections tended to be much slower and so file sizes were kept as small as possible. The following pics show the effects of different amounts of jpeg compression.

 The site was originally designed to look best at a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 or higher although it looks reasonable at 800 x 600. Despite validating all the pages as being valid XHTML I spent quite a while tweaking the HTML and style sheets in an attempt to make the site look the same in all the main browsers. I've tested it using current and recent versions of MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Safari under Windows and MAC OS X.
Whatever you might be using please let me know of any problems mentioning which browser and OS you are using.

 All photos are the copyright of me, Frank Cox, except where the name of the photographer is given under the picture. In these cases the copyright remains with the named photographer.

 I don't really mind you using the odd one or two of my own pictures on your own site should you wish to do so providing that:
1: you acknowledge 'the-siding.co.uk' as being the source,
2: you let me know where they are being used, and
3: they are copied into your own web space and NOT hot-linked directly to this site.

 Please do not attempt to link direct to the images on this site, you may not get the picture you expect. Feel free of course to link to pages on the site, it is just the hot linking direct to images that I object to for the usual reasons. Unfortunately the method used to prevent this 'hot linking' also affects text links to images, so again please link to the page and not directly to images.

Contact me
 Please contact me with any comments, criticisms or suggestions you may have about the site. I really would appreciate hearing from you.

Finally - thanks for bothering to read this far!

Frank Cox

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